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Platforms and AI empowering citizens and governments


Many believe technology has undermined our faith in debate online; instead, our work shows nonprofit innovations in technology restoring trust in democratic deliberation and institutions.



Our partners, like Reykjavík city, State of New Jersey, Scottish Parliament, and World Bank, have used our solutions, making better decisions in thousands of projects in 45 countries since 2008.

Your Priorities offers open source idea generation and deliberation. Connecting governments and citizens by bringing people together to debate and prioritize innovative ideas to improve their communities.


The top rated citizen engagement platform


Engagement Features

Community idea generation

To solve complex problems facing society, we enable communities to come together to find solutions.


Efficient & proven deliberation solution

Evolving since 2008 through thousands of projects, our communities produce constructive deliberation.


Content and toxicity management

Simple content management. AI scans all incoming content for toxicity.


And much more including participatory budgeting, video & audio, surveys, and AI-driven analytics. Click below for an overview.

Public & Open Source

All the community solutions we create are public and open source. Visit our GitHub archive.  Your Priorities is one of a family of open-source projects the Citizens Foundation has developed over the years. Here are some of them.


Open Active Voting
Secure electronic voting app used for online participatory budgeting projects giving citizens direct influence over parts of governments budget educates citizens on the cost of things and budgetary limits.


Open Active Policy
Open Active Policy is a deep policy-making gamification platform.


Your Priorities Realtime
Your Priorities Realtime is a prototype of a new type of participatory monitoring process. Blended methods, facilitate live meetings in person or online through a range of real-time participation activities that drive the creation of, for example, Community Scorecards.

Cloud Services

Our nonprofit partly funds itself operating cloud services. Here are monthly prices for service level agreements where you and your citizens own the data.

  • Free

    If you don't have the budget, for any reason, you don't pay. Unlimited projects and users with free email support.

  • Small

    For small and medium sized organizations.

  • Medium

    For larger organizations.


For more information, you can download PDFs about Service Level Agreements and Startup Packages.

Policy Synth

Utilizing our top-rated citizen engagement solutions, over 30 GPT-4 agent types, and advanced genetic algorithms, Policy Synth represents a distinctive effort to intertwine human insights with artificial intelligence in addressing complex policy dilemmas. We are currently developing a state-of-the-art platform where policymakers, citizens, and AI can partake in collective discourse. This collaborative interaction is anticipated to expedite decision-making processes and also enhance their quality, thereby paving the way for more innovative and effective policy solutions.


All Our Ideas brings survey research into the digital age. Mix core ideas from survey research with new insights from crowdsourcing. Add a heavy dose of statistics. Stir in a bit of fresh thinking.




Open Active Voting

Open Active Voting provides a secure voting platform for participatory budgeting projects, giving citizens influence over parts of the government’s budget through a gamified web application.


Open Active Policy

Open Active Policy offers a deep policy-making gamification platform. As a part of our Icelandic Constitution Crowdsourcing project, we launched a game called Make Your Constitution, to teach citizens in Iceland what constitutions are about.

Email us at [email protected]  to book an online demonstration! 🙂


Better Reykjavík


Mass online community participation with 70,000 citizens engaging out of a population of 120,000; over 30,000 registered users submitted 10,000 ideas and 21,000 debate points.


Read more

CTV - Introduction to the Citizens Foundation

Video: Rebuilding faith in democracy


We have recently seen technology undermine our faith in debate in the public arena; the Foundation believes that innovations in technology can be used to restore faith in democratic debate and institutions instead.

CODE Europe - Iceland Study Visit

Playlist: Iceland Study Visit


A virtual study visit to Iceland exploring the latest in citizen engagement. Part of the CODE Europe project. Funded by EEA Grants – Norway Grants.

Meet The Team

Robert Bjarnason


Róbert is a successful entrepreneur that introduced the Web to Iceland in 1993 and in 1995 to Denmark. Before co-founding the Citizens Foundation in the year 2008 he worked in the videogame industry where his teams received many industry awards, including two BAFTA awards.


[email protected]

Guðný Maren Valsdóttir

Creative director

Maren is a multimedia artist and a designer. She is a force of creativity energy at the Citizens Foundation and works on the design of our apps and websites since the year 2012. Maren also contributes to the overall strategy and sits on the board of directors.


[email protected]

Gunnar Grímsson
Gunnar Grímsson


As a co-founder and former CEO Gunnar has been at the heart of the Citizens Foundation since its start. He is an experienced process and interface designer with a strong background in multiple fields and has worked on citizens engagement projects all over the world.


[email protected]

Joshua Lanthier-Welch

Executive Director, Citizens Foundation America

Josh brings to Citizens Foundation America a diverse background, with stints in academic development and philanthropy fundraising, working closely with Robert in writing, design and business development tasks in the videogame industry, and most recently in socially responsible entrepreneurship in promoting sustainable agriculture and improved food systems.


[email protected]

Katherine Breedlove

Director, Citizens Foundation America

Katherine brings years of experience in logistics and operations. For the last ten years she has worked closely with Josh in social, political, and educational outreach in the agricultural sector, helping to build a brand that promoted sustainable agriculture and best practices in the food industry.


[email protected]

Dave Parsons


David has been involved in the development of Internet applications since 1996. Initially working at the Internet Applications Group (INTAPPS) delivering enterprise level applications for companies including PwC, UBS, Vodafone & BP. In 2004 he founded Decypher Media that developed advanced Fintech applications and websites for global hedge funds GLG Partners, Man Group PLC & Castle Trust.


[email protected]

Sophia Dyvik Henke


Sophia is an undergraduate at Cambridge studying Human, Social and Political Sciences. She was the Coordinator of Rory Stewart’s field campaign in central London, has produced film and lobbied government with the UK Student Climate Network and is a Youth Climate Ambassador for the Centre for UN Constitutional Research.


[email protected]

We believe that by building from success in improving communities of all sizes, restoring faith in democratic engagement one constituency at a time, we will thereby help forge solutions that will mount to a global tide of change.


Citizens Foundation Iceland
Vegmúli 2, 108
Reykjavik, Iceland


Citizens Foundation America
11046 3rd Ave South
Seattle WA 98168, US
EIN: 84-2170353


The nonprofit Citizens Foundation was founded in 2008 in Iceland and closely collaborates with Citizens Foundation America that was founded in 2019 and is a 501(c)(3) sub-section 509(a)(2) public charity. Our mission is to connect governments and citizens by creating open state-of-the-art engagement platforms and offering consultation on how to best plan & execute successful citizen engagement projects