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CCP Games collect True Stories with Your Priorities

CCP Games collect True Stories with Your Priorities

Your Priorities can be used in many different ways. EVE Online is a virtual life for its participants and they create their own world. CCP Games wanted to find the best stories from the first decade of the EVE Universe directly from the players themselves to use in spin-off products such as comic books, TV shows, books and movies. They decided to use Your Priorities for this purpose.

In April 2013, the True Stories website opened to ask EVE players to submit their stories from the game there. The site will be open for submissions for a month until 6th of May, the tenth anniversary of EVE Online. Initially people can only submit stories and comment on them, not vote. When the submission period is over, voting will begin and continue for 14 days.

After the voting CCP games will choose the best stories and decide which ones will be used for their products.

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