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Budget Voting & Civic Education

Budget Voting & Civic Education

Why Open Active Voting


We use a specifically designed software for the voting process: Open Active Voting.


The software is open source, which it has to be if the process is to be trusted.


Participatory budgeting gives citizens a direct influence over parts of a local government’s budget, educates citizens on the cost of things and budgetary limits.


This process builds trust and leads to better decision making in cooperation with citizens.

How it works


The process of My Neighbourhood, our most successful participatory budgeting project to date, starts with citizens submitting their ideas.


The City of Reykjavík then evaluates the cost of the implementation of these ideas.


Citizens then vote on the ideas, knowing the cost and the budget.


The City then implements the ideas voted and the citizens use the results.


To date 608 ideas have been approved by citizens in the My Neighbourhood project from 2012-2017.


The vote is electronic, binding and secure.

Try the app


See examples of our PB projects in our portfolio, My Neighbourhood, Our Kópavogur and Our Mosó. (You can click on “English” on the top left box)


Click here for a demo of the Open Active Voting app.