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Sudan – Back to school

Sudan – Back to school (after Covid-19)


Working with the British Council in Sudan.


We had the privilege of aiding the British Council and a local nonprofit, Al Ayam in Sudan, forging solutions to overcome challenges to their continuing efforts to provide education opportunities to the disadvantaged, in the midst of a global pandemic. We facilitated communications between all levels of the decision making process, from administrators, to teachers, students, and parents.


Known as the Back To School project, it helped inform the return to studies that occurred in the Fall of 2020 into the Spring of 2021 after the first big Covid-19 wave in Sudan, and helped ensure the process by which the British Council provides scholarships and grants went uninterrupted.


With education at such a premium in the developing world, continuing the course of study remotely whenever possible, and enabling teachers to continue enriching their student’s lives, while not risking their own life in the spread of infection, these formed the core goals of the project.

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