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Icelandic Constitution Crowdsourcing

Icelandic Constitution Crowdsourcing


The Icelandic constitution is being reviewed during this election period in collaboration with all parties in the Icelandic Parliament. The University of Iceland & the Citizens Foundation created a connection to the government where the public can influence the proposed constitutional amendments.


Over 39.000 people visited the website and learned about constitution-making.  Exactly 1.092 citizens logged in and created ideas and debate points – Iceland is tiny and if the same % would have participated in the US that would be over 1 million citizens and a comparable % rate in the UK would be over 200.000 people.


The crowdsourcing was one method of many used to engage the public, a regular survey was also sent out, a randomly selected Deliberative Poll (a type of citizen assembly) was held with around 300 people from all over Iceland, over a weekend, and we launched an educational game called Make Your Constitution to teach citizens what constitutions are from a high level.


Visit the project here with automatic English machine translation.



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