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Oakland – City Challenge

City Challenge in Oakland, California


Newly launched Oakland City Challenge using Your Priorities platform to address the toughest challenges facing this California city – homelessness, violent crime, illegal dumping – and looks for citizen-driven solutions.


We were delighted when GovLab reached out to us again, in January of 2022, with their next City Challenge in the US, which just launched this Spring in Oakland, CA. Given our track record of successful collaboration, bringing our platform to the West Coast of the USA was an exciting opportunity for everyone involved.


The Oakland initiative, which seeks citizens’ input on the toughest issues facing the East Bay city – homelessness, violent crime, illegal dumping, to name a few – helps us demonstrate that the lessons learned in 14 years of deploying Your Priorities in Europe can easily be applied to the same sorts of projects here in the US. Several years ago we worked on the Better Alamance project in North Carolina and we hope with this new project in Oakland that American urban centers will continue to benefit from our open source participation and engagement tools.


Read more about the project here: https://oakland.mycitychallenge.org/

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